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Machines for greenhouses

pH&Ec controllers applications for the greenhouses and farms

The nutritional problems and imbalance of the pH, Ec and temperature in the water are the main reasons of a bad quality production and the loss of plants in greenhouses and nurseries. The bad pH regulation and the continuous electric conductivity (Ec) give us the chance to correct this kind of disadvantages before they turn into problems that can hurt the hydroponic crops. The growth substrates pH affects the availability of nutrients, particularly micronutrients. The Ec is a measure of the high concentration dissolved salt in a growth substrate. The Ec values provide how much fertiliser is available in the media for the growth of the plants or if there is a build-up of salts in it. Monitoring this is easy for every kind of agriculture thanks to our pH and Ec controllers
  Our machines for greenhouses:

pH pump

pH automatic controller


We also have our own pH controller & regulator . Developed by our engineers and manufactured in our different locations, it has been designed to optimize the control and measurement of the pH from the water .

By this way, you can get an absolute control of the pH, optimizing its irrigation . This pump allows the pH automation required to keep the selected values. All the operations our controller does are detailed in our catalog.

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Ec Dispensing controller

Ec Dispensing controller


The Ec ProsystemAqua automatic controller will measure your nutrient solution regularly and accurately.

The Ec controller automates the regulation process and the conductivity control.

The controller carries out the measurement and the regulation of the required nutrients through the water tank automatically, without overdosages. Its small and easy operation makes the Ec controller the one with the best quality of the market.

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pH&Ec Controller

pH&Ec controller


It is the most complete fertiliser controller in the market. Its multiple functions make it the best Ec and pH controller. Ningún competidor se asemeja al pH&Ec controller. No competitor looks similar to it. With the pH&Ec controller system you can also control the time of the irrigations and act on the recirculation controller.

You won’t have to worry about water values anymore, not even about filling the water tank or water your production.

There are multiple advantages, but the best one is the comfort and the final result. With the pH&Ec controller you will be able to work and control all the water systems: both continuous as temporary irrigation system programmed. This is a unique oportunity with an unbeatable price.

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Hydroponic System

Hydroponic System


It is an automatic pH and fertiliser control system . With the Hydroponic System you will obtain the Ec and pH value you wish in every fertigation system. The hydroponic system is composed of a controller which controls the pH (Up or Down), three controllers per fertiliser with an individual flow for each one.

You will also be able to control the water levels inside the tank, as the hydroponic system is able to activate solenoid valves for water filling through a level sensor inside the tank.

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Hydroponic System by Computer

Hydroponic System by computer

hydroponic System by computer

After years and years of experience, we launched Hydroponic system by computer, the most advanced pH and nutrients controller globally. There is no controller like this one. With the Hydroponic System by computer you can also control the water pH, the stimulants through the water flows detected by the impulse emitter that carries this system.

The Hydroponic System by computer controls the water temperature, the shecule of time for the irrigation, the re-circulation controller, the water filling when the Ec value increases to keep it always in the correct one. With the Hydroponic System by computer you will be able to visualize and control all the water values and keep all the irrigation system in unbelievable conditions through the computer from any part of the world, incorporating alarms that will notify you in case of any anomaly detection.

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