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Hydroponic enterprise

ProsystemAqua, experts on automatic irrigation systems

ProsystemAqua is a Spanish Enterprise internationally oriented that has made a place into the european and global market. Despite its youth, it has a wide experience in water treatment.

We work constantly for the environment, solving every kind of incident related to the water purification and its control. This means that the controllers manufactured by ProsystemAqua drive with accuracy and precision facts like pH levels, conductivity, nutrients, times of irrigation, and water temperature. This requires a constant measurement to keep the right values of water we want.

controllers applications from ProsystemAqua are multiple, the best for agricultura, hydroponic, aquoponic, aquaculture, field trials, seed research, garden stores, home and urban orchard, gro-shops, green vertical gardens, pools and industry.

ProsystemAqua has an extense multidisciplinary group of professionals and experts that evaluate, create, design, and implement different ideas to get the proper result. Between our professionals from the R+D area, we opérate with different industrial and computer engineers dedicated to innovate and improve the efficiency of our products. The result is a unique Spanish producto n the international market.

In any case, you will have known our professionals thank to the fairs and international events from this sector. ProsystemAqua has been internationally recognized by awards because of its innovation progress.

In ProsystemAqua we trust on our team and its knowledge. This is why we dispose in our different services and we are distinguished because of offering all the steps to create our products.
This means:

We manufacture pH & Ec automatic controlers and nutrient controllers
design automatic irrigation systems for every kind of orchard
develope domotic systems for the control of the water values, in addition to the irrigation systems.

In ProsystemAqua we personally believe in our implication on each step of the process to create one product, it is very important to us for your satisfaction. Thanks to this, we guaranteed the maximum quality of each one of our products, we are constantly managing and regarding this proceedings, analyzing and evaluating each of the tests they pass.

You can take a look to our catalog in our website. There you can access to all our products, besides technical characteristics, videos, photos, the operation manual and the maintenance of our products.

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Prosystem Aqua Europe SL – Carretera del aeropuerto km. 5 – C.P. 14005(Spain) – Telf: +34 957 414 910 – email: info@prosystemaqua.com