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Irrigation systems manufacturer for te pH/Ec control and water treatment

ProSystemAqua is a young enterprise from Córdoba (Andalucía) which is constantly growing up. Proof of it is that in just 5 years our irrigation systems are all around the world. Since we started to fabricate and develope our own irrigation systems, Ec regulator controllers, pH automatic controllers and also nutrient and pH controllers we have achieved a pleasurable international level.

You can find our central office in:

Carretera del Aeropuerto Km 5
14005 Córdoba - Spain
Telf. (+34) 957 414 910

It was here where we started, but by the momento we have another office in Mexico and with growth expectations. These are just our physical offices, but we are able to be known by everyone offering our products through our website and our comercial network. This is why big companies have trusted us to build the Smart City or the control of irrigation systems by the domotic.

How to improve your irrigation system

To improve your irrigation system, control the pH and Ec values, reduce water consumption in your crops, either hydroponic irrigation or another system, you can contact us in different ways, you don’t need to come to our offices. You can also call us by telephone, send us an e-mail or fill in our customized questionnaire. Contact us easily and in less than 24 hours we will answer you with a solution for the amelioration of your irrigation system.


Irrigation System

Ec dispenser

Bombas pH

nutrient controllers

hydroponic systems

Water treatment

You can also solicitate a estimate about our services through all the different ways we explained before. All our services are guaranteed and created with our main motivation, the water consumption.

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Prosystem Aqua Europe SL – Carretera del aeropuerto km. 5 – C.P. 14005(Spain) – Telf: +34 957 414 910 – email: info@prosystemaqua.com