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Ec Regulating Controller

Another proprietary product from our R&D department is the ProSystemAqua Automatic Ec Controller.

The ProSystemAqua Ec Regulating Controller is the most comprehensive and straightforward adjustable nutrient controller on the market. It has been designed for the automatic control of fertilizers, nutrients, or boosters in water tanks. Besides its incredible technical features, it is available at the most competitive price on the market. With a minimalist and straightforward design, this controller becomes a truly easy-to-use and fully automatic tool.

The ProSystemAqua Ec Regulating Controller allows for continuous measurement of water conductivity, analyzing and injecting into the irrigation water tank the necessary nutrients or boosters until the desired Ec is reached.

The conductivity is controlled and regulated by the controller in an exact and precise manner, with a maximum nutrient injection flow rate of 500 ml/h. Once the desired Ec value to be obtained is programmed, the controller will dose by aspirating the previous fertilizer mix that has been made in a small tank and will inject it into the clean water tank until the programmed Ec value is reached.

The ProSystemAqua Ec Regulating Controller comes equipped with a complete, easy-to-use installation kit. Within the package, you will find various components that need to be connected following the user instructions. These components are:

  • 1. Conductivity probe.
  • 2. Connector cable for Ec probe.
  • 3. Intake and outflow fittings.
  • 4. Intake and outflow tubes.
  • 5. Mounting bracket.
  • 6. Fixing screws.
  • 7. User instruction manual.
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All our products come with a 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects, not due to improper use or wear of the equipment parts.

Operation of the ProSystemAqua Ec Regulating Controller.

  1. Turning on the automatic Ec controller:

    Once the controller and all its components are installed, with the collector in place and the probe connected, proceed to program the controller, indicating the desired Ec value in the water tank and calibrating the probe. (See start-up instruction manual and installation video)
  2. Automatic Ec controller and water recirculation controller:

    The Automatic Ec Controller must always be connected along with the water tank recirculation controller, making the water from the tank recirculate through the Ec controller's collector. The injector and Ec probe will be installed in this collector. (See installation video).
  3. Conductivity measurement:

    The controller's Ec probe continuously detects the water's conductivity, indicating the value digitally on the display.
  4. Fertilizer aspiration:

    The controller aspirates through the tube and through the aspiration filter from the fertilizer mix container we have prepared.
  5. Fertilizer injection:

    The Ec regulating controller doses the nutrient through the tube and injects it into the collector's injection valve until the programmed Ec value is reached.


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