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Ec regulator controller

Another product from our R+D department is the Ec regulator controller.

This controller regulates the nutrients by the most complete and simple way in the current market. It has been designed for the automatic fertiliser control, nutrients or boosters into water tanks. Besides its incredible technical characteristics, it has the most competitive Price of the market. This controller, which has a very simple and minimalist design, is a very easy and useful tool that is automatic.

The Ec controller from our firm allows you to make a regular measurement of the water conductivity, analyzing and injecting into the water tank all the nutrients or boosters needed until we get the Ec desired by you.

The conductivity is controlled and reguated by the controller in a very accurate and precise way, with a maximum flow of manure injection of 500ml/hour. Once it is programmed, the controller will dose through the suction from the manure that has been mixed previously inside a little recipient and it will be injected into the clean water tank until it gets the Ec value programmed.

The Ec regulator controller comes with a very easy and complete installation kit. Inside the packaging you will find these different elements that you will have to connect following the instructions. These elements are:

  • 1. Conductivity probe
  • 2. A connecting cable for the Ec probe. .
  • 3. Suction and discharge fittings
  • 4. Suction and discharge pipes
  • 5. Clamping brackets
  • 6. Fastening screws
  • 7. Instructions for use
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All our products have 2 years of guarantee for original defects, not for improper use or deterioration, in agreement with the current regulation.

Functioning of the ProSystemAqua Ec automatic controller

  1. Switch on the controller:

    Once the controller and its elements are installed and the collector is connected to the probe we can proceed to the controller setup, indicating the Ec value we want and making the probe calibration. (Watch instructions of use and installation video)
  2. Ec automatic controller and water recirculation controller:

    The Ec controller must be always connected with the re-circulation controller from the water tank. This happens when you recycle the water from the tank through the Ec controller collector. In this trap it will be installed the injector and Ec probe. (Watch video explaining the installation).
  3. Conductivity measurement:

    The Ec probe from the controller detects constantly the conductivity of the water indicating the value digitally through the display.
  4. Fertiliser suction:

    The controller aspires through the pipe and the suction flitre from the recipient that mixes the manures we have previously prepared.
  5. Fertiliser injection:

    The Ec regulator controller doses the nutrient through the pipe and inject it into the injection valve from the collector until it gets the Ec value we programmed.
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